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The leading professional treatment and clinical skincare brand, and creator of the revolutionary VI Peel. Backed by decades of research, and dedicated to diversity, all products and treatments are proven to perform on pigmentation, dark spots, and sun damage.


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delivering confident skin since 2005

The Vitality Institute was founded by Dr. Abdala Khalil, an emergency room doctor who created a custom chemical peel for his eldest daughter, Marya, as a solution for her hormonal cystic acne at a time when chemical peels were unsafe for skin of color. The results were impressive but moreover, her confidence from having clear and healthy skin inspired Dr. Khalil to share his peel with his clients and ultimately, the world.

Dr. Abdala Khalil

Vitality Institute Founder, Dr. Abdala Khalil


Our mission is, and has always been, to help people of all skin types and tones discover confidence through better skin health. At a time when self-care and self-love are so necessary for us all, Vitality Institute is proud to be a leader within the clinical grade skin care space by empowering an effective and innovative approach to healthy, glowing skin.


After Dr. Khalil’s untimely passing, Marya (at just 25 years old) stepped into a leadership role at Vitality Institute in the name of preserving her father’s legacy and a passion to support her family. She overcame intense challenges and obstacles and today, Marya is the President and CEO, and under her leadership, the company has grown to offer six medical-grade VI Peel formulations customized for various skin conditions, and VI Derm, a full portfolio of clinical daily care products specifically formulated to reduce pigment and increase cell turnover. The Vitality Institute is Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Certified and is recognized as one of the fastest growing companies by the prestigious INC 5000 list. VI Peel was also awarded Cosmopolitan’s Holy Grail Beauty Award for “Best Professional Chemical Peel." Learn More about Vitality Institute CEO, Marya Khalil HERE.

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VI Science

Rooted in Science,
Backed by Proof

Every VI Peel and VI Derm formula is carefully crafted with potent, powerful ingredients that are rigorously tested, proven to work, and safe for all skin types and tones. Today, over 7,000 clinicians, practitioners, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical partners such as the Mayo Clinic and Cedars Sinai, use Vitality Institute products to deliver professional-grade results even on the most intense, stubborn skin conditions.

VI Ingredients

Key Ingredient

To achieve incredible results for our patients, we rely on developing formulas for a focused, effective, and streamlined product line. From our newest innovation, pigment-fighting TRI-ERA8SE™ Acid Complex, to our proprietary painless peel treatment formulations, our ingredient blends focus on results and efficacy without the “fluff.”

VI Research Center

Research Center Studies

The Vitality Institute is proud of our library of compelling Before & After photography, patient testimonials, and clinical studies conducted through our research center, led by Registered Nurse Nancy Miller.

Our most recent clinical study investment measured the astounding anti-aging benefits of our ToxBooster Treatment, as well as the efficacy of our Dark Spot Lifting Serum on pigmentation like sun damage.

diversity & inclusion

As one of the first skin care brands created by a person of color for people of color, we remain at the forefront of discoveries and discussions about skin of color in the dermatological field. Since our inception, all VI Peels for the Face and Body are thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy on all Fitzpatrick skin types, and our educational platform, The Brown Skin Agenda, is committed to raising awareness, providing solutions, and inspiring essential conversations around treating skin of color. Learn more about The Brown Skin Agenda and our legacy of inclusion here.

our commitment


We believe you can care for your skin safely and confidently while consuming consciously. That’s why we are as committed to minimizing waste as we are to maximizing packaging that maintains the utmost product efficacy.

These are the real, tangible steps we’ve taken towards minimizing our footprint. And this is just the beginning. We have so much more to learn and understand, and are committed to moving thoughtfully towards real, measurable sustainability.

  • We've phased in packaging that generates 34% less waste, all without compromising formula efficacy or integrity
  • Our shipping box fillers are made from easy-to-recycle paper rather than packaging peanuts or bubble wrap


Here at Vitality Institute, we are committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve. That why – with your help – we’ve committed 10% of all orders purchased through vipeel.com to be given back to non-profit organizations in need, 365 days of the year.


The Vitality Institute partners with over 7,000 medical spas and doctor’s offices by providing comprehensive treatment protocols and post-treatment care for patients to ensure the best experience and outcome. To schedule your own VI Peel consultation, reach out to one of our partners HERE.

Our commitment to patients and practitioners also extends to protection from accessing expired or fraudulent products sold by unauthorized Vitality Institute retailers with our Anti-Diversion Program featuring the latest tracking technology. To learn more and join us on our fight against fraudulent products, click HERE.