about us

The Vitality Institute

Founded by Dr. Abdala Khalil, Vitality Institute — and their revolutionary VI Peel — was inspired by Dr. Khalil’s eldest daughter, Marya, and created as a solution to her hormonal, cystic skin.

The Story

After his unexpected passing, Marya, at the young age of 25, stepped in with two intentions: to take care of her family and to keep her father’s memory alive. This sparked empowerment within her, and today, Marya Khalil is the President and CEO of VI Peel. Under her leadership, VI has grown to offer six medical grade VI Peel formulations customized for various skin conditions, and VI Derm, a full portfolio of clinical daily care products specifically formulated to reduce pigment and increase cell turnover.

Our Mission

Her mission is, and has always been, to help people of all skin types restore their confidence, so they can reach their true life potential. At a time when self-care and self-love are so delicate and necessary for us all, Vitality Institute is a leader within the clinical grade skincare space with their empowering, effective, and innovative approach to healthy, glowing skin.

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