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Melasma Reduction System

Effectively treat Melasma when you pair your in-office VI Peel Precision Plus Treatment with prescription-only VI Derm Pigment Correcting System at home.

Goodbye Melasma,

Hello Bright Skin!

VI Peel Precision Plus + VI Derm Pigment Correcting System

Step 1: Target Stubborn Melasma at the Source with VI Peel Precision Plus:

  • Effectively corrects existing Melasma
  • Suppresses the production of melanin at the source
  • Evens and brightens skin tone

Step 2: Continue to Fight Melasma At Home with VI Derm Pigment Correcting System:

  • Helps prevent future Melasma from forming
  • Helps prevent existing Melasma from worsening
  • Speeds Melasma correction when used in conjunction with VI Peel Precision Plus

the results speak for themselves!

VI Peel Precision Plus + VI Derm Pigment Correcting System

Targets and Corrects Stubborn Melasma

Results after 3 VI Peel Precision Plus + VI Derm Pigment Correcting System.


Setting Expectations

The Complex, Stubborn Nature of Melasma

  • Due to the complex and stubborn nature of Melasma, you may need more than one VI Peel Precision Plus treatment and a diligent and continuous use of the VI Derm Pigment Correcting System, along with proper sun protection to see results.
  • Your Melasma may seem to get darker before getting better, as the pigment that is trapped deep within your skin is lifted to the surface. The progression image below shows an instance where the patient’s Melasma looks worse before full results are achieved. Patience is key here!
  • As always, consult your practitioner to determine the treatment regimen that is best suited for you.

safe for all skin types & tones