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At the center of the globally recognized Vitality Institute is Marya Khalil, company CEO. Not only was she made CEO in 2013 at just 25 years of age, but she has also been the driving force behind the development of the company’s VI Peel product line since its inception. In fact, she’s the reason it exists.

As a teenager, Marya struggled with severe cystic acne. Fortunately, her father Dr. Abdala Khalil possessed the medical knowledge required to help her. With Marya as the test subject, the two worked together to formulate a safe and painless remedy for her skin condition, and the original VI Peel was born.

Marya officially joined the VI Peel company after graduating from NYU in 2008 and stepped into the role of CEO and President shortly thereafter. Under her leadership, the VI Peel brand has expanded to include five medical-grade formulations customized for specific skin conditions. The Vitality Institute also launched the VI Derm Beauty line — a full portfolio of clinical daily at-home care products that help to reduce pigmentation and increase cell turnover.

Marya and her team’s accomplishments have earned the Vitality Institute’s product lines many accolades. The VI Peel and the VI Derm Beauty products have been featured in top beauty and lifestyle media outlets, including O Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, US, People, among others, and in 2019, Aesthetics Everything named VI Peel the #1 Chemical Peel Brand, and Marya Top CEO.

Throughout the evolution and success of the Vitality Institute, Marya remains focused on the VI Peel’s original mission: to help people of all skin types restore their confidence so they can reach their true potential. It’s a philosophy that extends to her own experience, where she balances her role as CEO with that of wife and mother. For Marya, success is not only about business; it’s about living a dynamic, multifaceted life that includes career, family, parenthood, marriage and self-care.

“Success is not an endpoint.” says Marya. “It’s about confidence, embracing your weaknesses, and being able to balance it all.”

See how Marya juggles it all @maryakhalil