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Return Policy

Products may be returned up to 30 days after purchase for a full refund minus shipping charges. Physical product does not need to be returned to the company. Please email support@vipeel.com or call our customer service team at (310) 587-1910. Vitality Institute strictly monitors returns associated with internet sales and reserves the right to deny the return of products. 


VI Derm skincare products are guaranteed only when purchased through an authorized retailer or practitioner. All VI Peel products may only be purchased and administered by a licensed healthcare professional. Products not purchased through an authorized retailer or performed by a licensed healthcare professional can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use. This means if you buy our products from an outlet other than our authorized partners, we cannot guarantee that products are authentic or that they will perform as tested. To ensure your products are authentic and of high quality, please purchase only through an authorized source.   

To find an authorized VI Practitioner please visit our authorized practitioner locator at https://vipeel.com/pages/sca-store-locator.  In addition to our professional accounts supporting the sale of VI Derm skincare, the following online retailers are authorized by VI Aesthetics to carry a large selection of VI Derm products:

www.Dermstore.com, www.Dermwarehouse.com

VI Aesthetics is aware of the sale of VI Peel and/or VI Derm products on third-party retailer websites.  VI Peel and/or VI Derm products purchased from third-party resellers cannot be guaranteed authentic or that they will perform as tested, as such products can be counterfeit, diluted or expired formulas that will not be safe to use.  ALL VI Peel products must be purchased and administered by a healthcare practitioner. Unauthorized retailers do not have direct access to VI Aesthetics products or to our educational resources. They cannot provide the professional consultation and information that is vital to the proper use and ultimate effectiveness of VI Aesthetics products. 

The following online retailers have no relationship with VI Aesthetics and are some of the online sites who are NOT authorized retailers of VI Aesthetics products.  We cannot vouch for the authenticity or condition of the products they sell, and we are not responsible for products purchased from these websites:

www.Amazon.com,  www.Ebay.com,  www.Skincaresolutionsstore.com,  www.Skincareandpeels.com, www.beautylandonline.com

Our mission is to provide innovative, non-invasive aesthetic solutions to our professional medical partners and their patients. We support all efforts to remove professional products from consumer websites.  Diversion information can be communicated to VI Aesthetics by contacting us at 1.855.VI.Peels or by emailing support@vipeel.com