Wearing A Face Mask After A VI Peel

Can you wear a mask after a VI Peel Treatment?

YES! Let’s get right to the point, putting on a face mask after receiving a VI Peel will not affect the outcome of the peel. By the time the treatment is over, the acids have penetrated as deep as they are going to go, a mask will not interfere with the performance of those acids. That being said, you should still avoid washing your face until the 4-hour mark. The reason is that unlike a mask, cleansers, SPF, and makeup all have ingredients that could penetrate the epidermis and potentially the dermis and alter the peel. A mask, touching the surface of the skin will not have that issue.


Peel Smart

During the peeling process, we recommend, that if possible, you limit the amount of time that you wear a mask (1-2 hours off and on is fine, but 8 hours straight should be avoided).  The reason is that most people are wearing the same mask over and over again. This means that their mask becomes an old kitchen sponge that is lined with bacteria that could cause inflammation, acne break out, or worse, an infection. Also, prolonged use of a mask will generate heat, which could trigger unwanted hyperpigmentation



  • Bring a clean face covering to your appointment to use after the VI Peel application.
  • Avoid prolonged mask use for the first 48-82 hours if possible and try to limit to one-hour increments.
  • Choose cotton fabrics that are looser fitting.  A scarf or bandana is preferred over a traditional medical mask.
  • Keep face coverings clean and launder often.