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Managing Visible Peeling

Managing Visible Peeling

Let's Go Deep Most chemical peels, like glycolic, fruit acid,...
Polar Vortex- Great For Peeling Oily Skin

Polar Vortex- Great For Peeling Oily Skin

Benefits of Peeling in Winter Winter is one of the...
Single-Acid peels inherently treat a limited number of conditions. For example, a straight TCA peel is amazing at combating the signs of aging.

Your Skin is Complex Your Peel Should Be Too

Blended Peels are Superior to Single Acid Peels Single-Acid peels...
Birth control is used for a lot of things—clearing up acne and excess oil, controlling PMS symptoms, and most importantly, preventing pregnancy.

Is Your Patient’s Birth Control Causing Dark Spots?

Give your patients the pigment fighting power of the VI...