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VI Peel & Injectables

The When, Where, and Why!

Combination therapies are a great way to achieve desired results quickly and effectively. Two popular treatments that can be used in combination with VI Peel are Botox® and Voluma®. These anti-aging treatments enhance the skin from the Stratum Corneum to the Reticular Dermis and beyond.

VI Peel Precision Plus & Botox®

This combination is the ultimate anti-aging solution for erasing fine lines and wrinkles. It suppresses muscle contraction with neurotoxins while exfoliating and stimulating dermal regeneration with the VI Peel. Perform the VI Peel first, and then proceed with the neurotoxin injection. Bonus tip, the VI Peel will pre-anesthetize the area! 

VI Peel Advanced & Voluma®

This combination is the ultimate anti-aging solution for lifting, sculpting, and adding volume to cheeks. It enhances the cheek bone while focusing on collagen stimulation. Perform the Voluma® injections, rest, massage as needed, then follow with the VI Peel Advanced.