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Tips From Top Accounts- Pretreat Laser with a VI Peel

The Reason

VI Peel creates a deep exfoliation allowing other treatments, like a laser, to be more effective. Practitioners who require patients to have a VI Peel treatment prior to a light-based treatment will consistently see greater absorption of the laser wavelength, which ultimately adds to improved patient results. 


How It Works

When a light source, like laser or IPL, encounters the skin's surface there are 4 things that can happen: the light energy can be reflected, transmitted, scattered, or absorbed. The goal of every practitioner is to increase absorption by reducing its reflectance, scattering, and transmission. By creating a deep exfoliation prior to light-based treatments, the VI Peel is essentially reducing the barriers that are known to impede laser penetration. Some of these barriers may include oily skin, thick stratum corneum, and acne. Practitioners who require patients to pretreat with the VI Peel will not only see consistent and improved results, but they will also see increased revenue.