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Post Peel Acne Purging

VI Peel increases cell turnover allowing any congestion that is trapped beneath the skin to come to the surface. As a result, a post peel breakout is possible. It is important to educate patients through the peeling process to help them understand the skin cycle and to properly set their expectations, especially if their skin concern requires multiple treatments. Patients will be more likely to continue treatments when they know what to expect. Communication helps build trust. 

Below are a few key points when talking to patients: 

Multiple Treatments

When consulting with patients remember to address that acne cannot be resolved in one treatment. As the most prevalent skin condition, acne can, on average, last 8-14 years. It's important to advise the patient that they will need multiple treatments.  

Highlighting Congestion 

If any congestion is felt below the skin, notify the patient where and inform them they will most likely experience a breakout in that area in the week following their VI Peel. 

Acid Function 

It's important to discuss the functions of the acids & ingredients in the VI Peel. For example, Retinoic Acid will increase cell turnover and cause any congestion under the skin to come to the surface. Benzoyl Peroxide may cause dryness; however, it reduces sebum and helps kill P. acnes bacteria. Purging of the skin is common with acne, but it will reduce with subsequent peels as congested pores become cleared.