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The Safe Summer Treatment

Practitioner's Question

Last week a practitioner reached out to our team and asked, “why is VI Peel, a chemical peel company, promoting IPL & ablative laser treatments?” It’s a great question and there’s a simple answer; VI Peel will accelerate the results of laser treatments.

Fast, Effective, and Safe

Let’s face it, in a world of instant gratification, consumers want fast results. That’s why combining VI Peel with laser treatments is an ideal option. However, as practitioners, our challenge is to not only deliver fast and effective results but to also do so safely.

When it comes to safety, summer presents a real challenge for lasers because the heat and humidity require a high level of patient compliance. Patients who undergo IPL treatments will experience prolonged photosensitivity, which in turn increases the potential risk of hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, and rosacea flares.

Practitioner Tip

As August quickly approaches, we recommend practitioners who have incorporated VI Peel & IPL packages into their practices, perform the VI Peel first and wait until the beginning of September to perform the IPL treatment. By administering the VI Peel first, practitioners will limit any complications that may arise from those patients that just can’t resist those summer activities.