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Go Deeper With VI Peel

VI Peel Advanced is the strongest peel in our portfolio. It provides deeper penetration to tackle stubborn wrinkles and fine lines.

How VI Peel Advanced Works

Whether we’re talking Laser, Microneedling, or VI Peel, aging skin has a thicker stratum corneum and slower cell turnover. When it comes to Chemical Peels, the depth of the peel is dictated by both the PH of the acids and the amount of layers that are applied by the practitioner.
The application of the VI Peel Advanced is cumulative, meaning, there is increasing penetration and peel depth with the more quantity that is applied. VI Peel Advanced contains 20% more solution than the standard VI Peel. The increased solution combined with our lowest pH allows for more layers to be applied, which in turn creates a deeper peel.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for patients who are 40+ years old
  • Deeper Dermal Penetration allows for enhanced collagen production
  • Combine with Neurotoxins to prevent new wrinkles and erase existing wrinkles